February 7, 2020

The Best Fighting Games To Play Right Now

Fighting games have a unique niche within the gaming industry. They can come in various shapes and forms. Some might be flashy or a little more grounded. Regardless, one thing that gaming experts do agree on, is that fighting games are a direct competition of skill.


They might be multiplayer games but just the same, there is something quite raw and pure, when you play a game against other players or else, succeed in advancing in your gameplay.


Sure, you might remember fondly Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat and Tekken, but despite their strong legacy in the field, many more games are sticking their head out, and some are bound to surprise you pleasantly.


Not every fighting game looks the same. Some have more mindless gore and violence, while others are more realistic, thanks to advances in graphics and technology.


Everyone ultimately has their favourite fighting games. Be it fighting game tournaments, new UFC games or even UFC video games. It all depends on the style you are after. Some players prefer competing against other players, while others might prefer to build their own empire on their own through a management game.


You might be wondering where to play? Which are the best fighting games to play right now, and what makes them set apart?

MMA Manager: Your Latest Role

This is where the latest MMA Manager game comes in. Due to be released in early 2020, MMA Manager pushes boundaries in terms of entertainment, accessibility and aesthetics. A quick glance at the video on YouTube, and you’ll be forgiven, for thinking this is a desktop PC Game.


Prey Studios have gone all out to bring you a mobile game app, available on both iOS and Android phones. With years of experience under their belt, the studio has gone into every minute details to bring you a game that heaves graphic excellence and entertainment value.

The game sees you taking up the role of a Gym Manager. Here, you are tasked with hiring trainers and finding worthy fighters to take them through to fighting tournaments. This is no simple mobile game app.


Because you need to strategise about how to spend your money and how to find the best trainers and fighters on the market, you need the time to sit down on how to progress within this game.


Money management is a crucial element of this game since you still need to run your gym and install it with all the latest gym equipment.


The graphics are undoubtedly out-of-this-world, and while the background music adds to the tense ambience, you will feel like a real-life gym owner, prepping up your fights for the latest fighting tournament.


Additionally, you have god-like powers, in that you can customise your fighters as you pleased. As each fighter levels up, so will you. Your abilities and experience will widen to a broader spectrum.


Designed by Prey Studios, MMA Manager is now available for download on both Android and iOS devices.