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Manage Your Fighters

Make your fighter stand out by customizing the appearance and overall look. With multiple customizations options like clothes and hair, you can make your fighter genuinely unique. As you progress in the game, more options unlock.

Open Your Gym

As you progress your Manager career, you will have the opportunity to upgrade and customize your gym for your fighters. Upgrade the punching bags or get a brand new sofa for the relax area; the possibilities are endless. The flashier your gym gets, the better paying members you will attract.

Compete in Tournaments

Another needless source of question marks over people’s heads is links and buttons that aren’t obviously clickable. As a user, I should never have to devote a millisecond of thought to whether things are clickable — or not.

Fight other Managers Gym

Challenge your friends or another manager’s gym and take on their fighters for precious cash and glory. Are you facing a challenging opponent? Customize your fight style to match your tactics against the traits of the other fighter.

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