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MMA Manager Tips & Tricks

MMA Manager is the latest game production by leading Swedish game studio Prey. This strategy and management game invites you to take ownership of a virtual gym, employ trainers and fighters to turn them into victorious fighters.

This is no ordinary fighting game. Requiring an element of shrewdness and sharp wit, MMA Manager offers the ideal platform to showcase your time and money management skills. Are you hungry for success?

We have created this complete guide featuring MMA Manager tips and tricks for both beginners and experienced players.

Now’s the time to showcase your martial arts combat that you learned and to grab the bull by the horns in a bid to boost your chances of winnings.

Start off with an advantage

Kicking off the game on the right foot will help you in the long run. It might be worth looking into investing in your trainers, so you can obtain more significant and better gym equipment for your fighters.

Opting for the most expensive package, obviously has its benefits, since you are also likely to benefit from a discount.

It would be pointless to buy the most expensive package mid-game. It’s recommended that you buy it from the start and to invest it, to secure your best chances.

Cheapen out first. Upgrade later

There is no need to go out on a limb and to pick the most expensive coaches when you have just started playing the game.

Low-level coaches have been designed and created to help new players get started. Additionally, they also train a lot faster than those that are upper-tier. Although they do run out much more quickly, they provide the most efficient service on a long-term basis.

It will take some time before you can reach the stage where you could acquire high-level coaches. In the meantime, don’t cry over spilt milk. Use your lower-level coaches and spare your money for later.

Step-by-step Training

Here’s the trick for long-term success in this game. You need to boost your training and any time spend by planning according to instruction.

Once you bear ground of how the game pans out, you must plan rigorously how you are going to play the game. If you can allocate a few hours to play this game and to keep a close eye on it, perhaps it might be best to opt for short-term training.

If, on the other hand, you can only spare short bursts of time, longer training will benefit you greatly.

As you progress along in the game, you’ll need to spend more time on longer training, as you prepare your fighters for tournaments.


You need to bear in mind that you are highly unlikely to create and build up a fighter that can beat every opponent it comes across.

Your main aim when playing this game is to create a well-balanced fighter, that has enough value to throw off any opponents. When a match kicks off, your fighters are based on a range of statistics. Your opponent will also have its range of statistics. The one with the most significant numbers will win.

Designed by Prey Studios, MMA Manager is available for download on both Android and iOS devices.